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    Self- Awareness, the ultimate paradigm of a healthy conscious mind.       

     Knowing your thoughts and knowing your emotions is the most beneficial to our both physical and mental self. Emotions determines reaction men gives when being presented to a situation, well it is his/her reaction to any natural as well as human habitat which would come from a woman screaming, a thief with a knife, prettiest toddler smiling watching you, or could be pleasant sunset. The way you view things going around you and intercept it in your mind meanwhile acting or going to the result of any perception is based on the emotion you attach to stimuli. It totally decides your physical statement furthermore, if you are able to calm in an assertive negative situation thoughtfully, brain signals which body receives will be stable and positive which will lastly be seen in your response thereafter. This positive firmness is very cool in appearance and execution most successful people does face every problem in a daily basis holding positive nature towards their minor and toughest encounters. 

      You may seem to control but actual director of your responses are emotion, though your own emotion and there is solution for every occurring problem. Observe your reaction and thoughts carefully and consistently, this process is called Self-observation. This practice is simple where you do nothing but just sense thoughts playing, going and reaching a decision, it happens so quick and thoughts most of the time are so irrationally that you would have never thought of. But the fact is unhidden to you that the emotional responses are always based on your references of past. Most importantly, how did you responded and formed a belief on such situation when you formerly experienced it whether with all those negatives you had inhibited and created at your times in childhood, or you stayed calm and processed information rationally and in benefit of you and others around. Those response yielding satisfactory results in form of emotional pleasures are stored and kept in subconscious for future references. So behold and cautious while taking action, even thinking of any negatives, as that can cause greatly to your future self.

     You could be poor in observing your own self well do not let this matter go in concern, as us human being are learning for and from eternity. You can unsurprisingly learn this skill by simply yet extraordinary means such as observing others and listening your thought, feeling what nervous vibrancy your body felt during any pain pleasure time.

      Hence, your reaction is the pathway to your success as well as status, and reputation you sense and gain from others.

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  • Your Presence and the Power of Now

                       The Power of Now

    Consciousness: ‘Watching the Thinker’

    You can be present and feel present only when the mind is still. You are a human being, and being can only be felt, it can never be understood mentally.

    The mind is a supreme instrument if used properly. Used wrongly, however it becomes very destructive. To put it more accurately, it is not so much that you use your mind wrongly- you usually don’t use it at all. It uses you.

    This is the disease; you believe that you are your mind, it is thus a delusion. The instrument has taken you over.

    What true is the moment you’re living at. It is the reality nowadays rare to experience because of overactive minds of people. The reality, you and the world around you is “now”. No nothing, no thought, no event gone, not event left to come, no suffering passed, no happy memories, no fun times, neither future expectations, future relationships, no career to worry, no money to expect, no word meant to speak, nothing. None of these are reality, overcome all these bonding and live in the “presence of Now”.

    The past gives the ego of your accomplishments which is used by mind to show the satisfaction and fulfilment of the future. Both past and future are distraction and delusion created by mind.

    First step on living in the present is knowing. Knowing what thoughts are going around, no need to control or manipulate your thoughts, just watch over them as voices and images around your head forms and adjourn. You just need to start listening to the voice in you head as often as you can. By paying particular attention to repetitive thought patterns, listening to those year old audio-tapes which have been played unconsciously from your childhood to youth to your adult life.

    Just Watch and observe, instead of judging and condemning the thought.

    The other step is much more eye opening and practical to use and go through. You need to create a gap in the main stream now and then when going through your day. Direct you focus and attention fully into the ‘now’. Become intensely conscious of the present moment.

    Some tip to concentrate on living the present are-

    • Breath Measuring
    • Asking questions for interpreting what is happening around you
    • Using your senses fully.
    • Observe every single thing which catches your attention among thousand of thing that passed by.

    Living in the now is just so remarkably beautiful. You surely need to experience the bliss on your life being fully present so that none moments get missed by you.

    I am very generous and grateful to this opportunity to share these fabulous and reforming insights. It feels really good to get informed and gain something valuable from  Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now: A guide to spiritual enlightenment.

    Mine this one post cannot describe you all those valuable teachings in the book, so you can use this free and secured pdf of The Power of Now


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